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I am glad you came this far because that means you have already achieved the first step and you are now ready to deal with your fear.
(I would suggest you deal with one fear at the time and that you take your time, this is an important point, we can never rush through inner work and everyone has its own adequate pace, respect yours).
Our next step is to “make space” for our fear, by accepting it. Say to yourself: I am afraid of …….., so what? That is ok, I am ok with being afraid of ……….. .
By doing that, we become two distinct things, one is we and the other one is our fear. Great!
Next, let’s deal with what has by now become a very real and conscious emotion:
Talk to your fear, remember you are not one anymore, at this stage there are already two of you, so tell it: I know you, I feel you, but I will not give away my power to you, I am in control here. I am going ahead and doing that which I must in spite of you. You may come with me but I am the one in control. Repeat it every time you feel you need to.
Be firm, be persistent and believe in yourself. You will be amazed with the results.
Much later you will realize that these fears, partly your old weak spots, are now the ones which became your greatest strengths.
Be aware that as you conquer one fear, another one will present itself but just like exercising a muscle, it gets easier and easier
Hope to have been of help and I would love to hear of your experiences regarding this. Drop me a line anytime.
Love & Light

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