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So, lets ask ourselves what am I afraid of? I bet your first and immediate answer is either nothing, or not much…Well, stop and think again, take as much time as you need, relax, take slow deep breaths, try to keep your mind serene, keep breathing and allow the answer to slowly surface.
Think back to the various moments in your past where you thought things went wrong and check again which ones went so horribly wrong because you reacted purely out of fear. Clearly this work requires you to be completely honest with yourself so you can identify and allow fear to float into your consciousness.
Do not rush through this, you might have to try it more than once, remember that some fears are old and very well buried in our unconscious minds; you need to be brave and willing to “accept” their existence. Also, it all takes place within you alone, so unless you choose to share your experience with someone else, which you may, it will remain private.
I leave you to practice this till my next article,next week, where I will describe one of many ways of handling the fears you have come up with.
Love & Light

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