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Why are we all so prone to it?
It all starts with a simple fact: we are all born with the seed of fear already. It is part of our human make up and it is necessary to our preservation system. Without it our survival with be at risk. Try and imagine what we, human beings, would get up to without that tiny little seed…..
Fear his healthy! Yes, as strange as it might sound …..Fear is healthy.
Our difficulties start when, unconsciously, we feed and nurture that seed. From being tiny and healthy, it grows like a weed to huge proportions of an amazing power. That is when fear becomes unhealthy, debilitating and even paralyzing. It inhibits us from having happy stable relationships, prevents us from success, from growing and evolving and from living our lives to the fullest.
This is the type of fear which we need to understand, recognise and deal with or it ends up controlling us and our lives.
It is most important that we become aware of our fears before we can start dealing with them. Most of us “carry them around” and are influenced by them without realizing it.
In my nest article we will suggest to you an easy technique which helps us gain awareness and recognise some of these fears.
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