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Have you ever wondered why certain circunstances in your life seem to have a habit of repeating themselves?

 I know I have!

 I remember thinking: why on earth does this keep happening to me? Why me?

 It could be all about love relationships, it could be at work, with family or with friends… it really is annoying, often painful, how last time we thought it was over once and for all, and then…just out of the blue…here we go again….
 I know! I have been there, done that, and got the T shirt to prove it!
 Well, what I have learnt is that until we identify our emotional patterns, until we realize what is engraved in our unconscious mind, either from childhood or from previous lives, or from both, and which gets triggered every time, we will react in the same manner every time that Life presents us with the opportunity of working through it.
 Identify the reason behind the symptom and it is half way to healing it.
 Psychological Astrology does exactly that. If you doubt it, come and try an Astrology reading.

 I can do your reading either in person or through Skype.

 Love & Light



Some of us have been wondering and wishing for a very long time to go for a Tarot reading, but we are very scared of what we might be told. I know so from customers who have arrived for a first reading very agitated and admitted to me that was the reason why.

 Then, on the other hand, there are those of us that go for a reading expecting the reader to have a magic wand that will open all doors and sort out all our problems.

 Well, both these approaches are far from reality and neither applies to a Tarot Reading.

 Although the Tarot does include a predictive facet, no sensible and professional Reader will ever blab stories of death, catastrophe or accidents…so, no need to fear.

 The purpose of a Tarot Reading is to counsel, support and guide, to explore possibilities, options and paths available to us, helping us to avoid pitfalls, to try different approaches to difficulties and make better choices, correct mistakes, whatever we need to do or to stop doing in order to find solutions to overcome our problems in an easier way. Only we, ourselves, can overcome our own challenges, but it sure helps to have the support and guidance of a Tarot reader.

Love & Light



If there is something or someone who really irritates me it is the so common self enlightened and self proclaimed gurus of nowadays. People who go for a few workshops on a few subjects and immediately feel entitled to tell everyone how they should live their lives: “You must not say that, it is negative. You can not think like that, it is negative. You can not feel that way, oh no, that is negative. Your life is a mess because you are negative. You must keep saying life is beautiful, life is great and all is well.”
For goodness sake, take off the pink glasses!Be genuine and get real!
Yes, we are souls of Light, we are Spirit, but we are “trapped” at this point in time, in a human body! We are meant to feel like a human being! That is one of the many purposes of incarnating in a planet of duality, it is to experience duality, there is no positive without negative, and vice versa, human emotions are no exception. If we were meant to experience only bliss, we would be up there with the Angels!
Indeed we must not loose our connection to the Light, yes we must extract all the positive meaning from any negative situation (there is always a positive side), yes we should not dwell on the negative side any longer than what is healthy, but we can not deny it.
How can we tell someone who has just lost a loved one, or lost their job, or someone who is ill and has no money to by medicine, someone who has been betrayed or is suffering from a terminal disease, someone who sees their children starving and has no way to feed them: Oh my dear, you must just think positive, life is great! Do not be negative! You must not think or talk about it, forget it, that breathes negativity! I do not want to listen to your negativity!
Gosh! How idiotic can we all become when our egos delude us in thinking that we know it all! Where is our compassion?
Please, people, let´s all make space in our lives for that which irritates us, let us feel the anger, the pain, the sorrow and sadness when life´s lessons hit us, and then, after feelling and releasing those, yes, we can move on, walk away from them into a better and more positive frame of mind, being able to appreciate love, joy, laughter, peace and bliss. Let’s accept that everyone’s life has rough patches, do our best to cope with these lessons, firmly believing that we can overcome them, and allowing ourselves to reap the benefit of becoming stronger, wiser and better human beings. Let’s not deny our emotions and live a life of hypocrisy, smiling and sweet talking, telling everyone how it all is such bliss, only to later on let all those emotions loose, in the form of wickedness to others.
I have a suggestion to all these “pink glasses” ever so enlightened new gurus:
Why do you not go to India or Africa, where human suffering reaches its heights, spread your message of mixed denial and bliss, and see how it works…
Love & Light


2012 - Tarot Card THE POPE (V)

The Pope is the Tarot card which rules this year, 2012

This means we are all initiating an era of intense spirituality. This is the time to consolidate our ideas, manifest our dreams, strive for our goals, and above all to find our spiritual path.

The energy of this card is somewhat linked to the energy of Karma. As such, we will be experiencing many encounters between our inner and outer selves. 2012 will bring up a lot of fundamental questions indispensable to our growth and evolution. The Pope represents our intimate thoughts, our creative and transformation power.   

In the love arena, the motto will be “to build”. Serious relationships will be favored and there could be a lot more marriages. For those who might be pinning for an old love, the good news is that this card stands for reconciliation, if your feelings are real and honest you can expect a comeback.

In the work area, it is time to grow and look for new spaces, but it is important, that must be done in a correct and ethical way. The Pope keeps his commitments, he respects ethic and he obeys rules. He is uniquely wise and deeply knowledgeable and that enables him to reach his goals.

Whichever your religion or philosophy of life, make use of this year’s energy to get closer to your real values. This card encourages us to take a deep look at ourselves, to face our fears, value our capacities, and above all, to change whatever is delaying our growth.

Let’s take full advantage of this energy and do have a great changing year.

Love & Light





To be in contact with your inner power you have to believe you do have the kind of power that only God could grant you.

Exercise that power to change, build, remake and restart

If you were forgetful, visualize yourself with excellent memory. If you find yourself in sickness see yourself healthy. If you think you are unlucky, welcome luck.

Adjust to a rhythm of peace, progress and strength. Feel all your capabilities flowing in your veins.

Never weaken when faced with life´s challenges. Stay firm and optimistic, active and strong in your desire for victory.

You will only be weak if you choose to be weak.
Love & Light



"The intuitive voice is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant but has forgotten the gift."
--Albert Einstein

I am sure that we can all appreciate the wisdom in these words. Maybe we should just ponder how often we ignore our intuition in favor of logic every day, and by doing that, how often we make the wrong choices too…

Love & Light



Let's celebrate Autumn's arrival with the following meditation:

Sit or lie confortably and close your eyes.
Gently breathe out any tension and withdraw your attention into yourself. Take as long as you need to become relaxed.

When you are ready, picture yourself walking down a flowery green valley.A path will take you to the heart of the valley.

At the heart of the valley there is a clearing. At its centre an old hut.
As you reach the hut a voice will bid you enter. Before you sits an old crone. Her bright eyes miss nothing, she can see into your heart. But she looks with compassion. She too has made this passage, she too has lived her life with great joy and pain.

Spend time with her, ask her to share her wisdom and her experience; learn from her how to reconcile the paradox of opposites; ask her to take you within yourself to the place where your knowing resides.

When you are ready to leave, thank her and ask her to be accessible to you whenever you need her.

Then leave the hut and make your way back up the path through the valley, returning to your starting point.

Take deeper breaths and gently return your awareness to the room. Take time to adjust and when you are ready open your eyes. Place your feet firmly on the floor and breathe deeply. If you wish, write down your experience.