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After choosing an affirmation, that often includes more then one, begin to repeat it with enthusiasm.

After a few days your enthusiasm seems to fade and ideas like I’m not capable of this or that because of this or that may emerge!
Well, write all the objections you have without changing them. They give us valuable information as they translate our fears which prevent the desired success expressed in our affirmation. Exactly! You may not believe, but these obstacles come directly from our unconscious and are very powerful.
The good news is when we get to know them this is the first step to overcome them... successfully!
Be positive and at the same time honest with yourself: how can you overcome the difficulties you impose to yourself? What strengths do you have to defeat them? Find them because you have all your solutions inside you.
So write what you found on the same sheet of paper where you wrote your objections.
And it’s time to tear the sheet of paper!
Do so everyday until there are no objections left without solutions to overcome them.
Who wants to share with me an affirmation you chose ?
In the meanwhile be happy and laugh (when was the last time you laughed heartily?)

Luísa Barreira

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