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“Man know thyself” - Sócrates

How does a Natal Chart work?
One can’t mention too often the principle “as above so below”. If we take a picture of the sky at the exact time a person is born, we obtain a map of the inner realm of that person. Now, imagine you buy a map of a city which you have never been before. You can detect and follow the streets, gardens, bridges etc. But the subtle details, those are known only to those who live there. Example, from the map you can not tell if there is grass or trees, if there are tall buildings or little houses, etc.
So, an Astrologer can easily identify the major points of interest, but it is advisable to have the person involved contribute to achieve best results.
The results one pretends are to lead each person to a deeper awareness of its own capabilities and difficulties, thus helping one to take better advantage of its gifts, and at the same time learn how to deal with its own areas of stress. This is an invaluable tool for self knowledge, helping and guiding one on its path to evolution and to personal success.
It is worth noting that there are many people born at the same time, yet, we are all different….check my next article to find out how and why.
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