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The Zodiac Wheel is divided in twelve houses corresponding to the twelve sun signs.
If we think about it, they are always the same houses, the same signs and generally the same planets…(except when new planets are discovered,lol)
The conclusion is rather obvious, all human beings are born with the same seeds, what differentiates them is how and what seeds each one nurtures and grows. Free will!
Everyone is born with the seed of love as well as the seed of hatred, and so on, and on. Astrology advocates reincarnation, and as such, when we are born into the present life we already bring with us many of the seeds we grew in past lives. Some have become beautiful and lovely scented plants or flowers while others are now real weeds.
These weeds are found in all of us without exception, we must kid not ourselves!
By observing the location and the interplay of the planets in the various houses and signs we can establish where the flowers and weeds have taken root, how and in which area they affect our daily lives, and also how to stimulate the flower growth while at the same time getting rid of the biggest possible amount of weeds.
To explore one’s Natal Chart with the intention of learning and growing is an amazing experience.
Any questions you would like to make?
Love & Light

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