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What do we call Emotional Patterns?
We call emotional pattern to an emotional “habit” we created in order to protect ourselves or even survive during adverse or painful circumstances. Unfortunately once created, it unconsciously becomes part of us, part of our emotional luggage, and we tend to react accordingly, long past the time it was useful. It stops being an asset and becomes a liability.
We sometimes ask ourselves: Why on earth does this keep happening to me? And why on earth do I always react the same way when this happens? Why do I keep making the same mistake?
When you start asking those questions, just know that you are in the presence of one of your patterns, it is staring you in the face. We all have them, but it might take sometime until we notice; only when confronted repeatedly with the same difficulty does the bell start ringing.
It is at this stage that we become ripe to identify, own and work through these old habits.
Becoming aware and understanding our patterns is halfway to dismantling them.
We will continue on our next article to discuss how do they come about.
Love & Light

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