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How do we unconsciously create and build emotional patterns?
Unfortunately it is easy, much easier than getting rid of them. Most are rather old and brought forward from previous lives. In the current life they are triggered by experiences which were planned to happen for that exact purpose, mostly during childhood, in order to enable us to identify and dismantle them.
Let’s suppose that in a previous life, Johnny was abandoned by his parents. To survive the emotional pain and in order to protect himself from feeling abandoned ever again John grows up unconsciously avoiding getting emotionally involved in his relationships.
One way for John to resolve this situation is to be born in circumstances which will trigger this pattern (eg. his parents might die when he is a little boy…). When John, the man, finds that, repeatedly, none of his relationships are working out, he is also likely to realize that he needs to deal with this matter if he ever wants to have a healthy and happy relationship.
There are many different types of patterns, they were all very useful at the time we created them, but once they are over the “use by date”, they become an awful burden.
This is where psychological Astrology is a most valuable instrument, as it enables us to identify and understand these unconscious self defence behaviour patterns, giving us the possibility of doing the necessary inner work to get rid of them and thus achieve personal success.
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