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Some of us have been wondering and wishing for a very long time to go for a Tarot reading, but we are very scared of what we might be told. I know so from customers who have arrived for a first reading very agitated and admitted to me that was the reason why.

 Then, on the other hand, there are those of us that go for a reading expecting the reader to have a magic wand that will open all doors and sort out all our problems.

 Well, both these approaches are far from reality and neither applies to a Tarot Reading.

 Although the Tarot does include a predictive facet, no sensible and professional Reader will ever blab stories of death, catastrophe or accidents…so, no need to fear.

 The purpose of a Tarot Reading is to counsel, support and guide, to explore possibilities, options and paths available to us, helping us to avoid pitfalls, to try different approaches to difficulties and make better choices, correct mistakes, whatever we need to do or to stop doing in order to find solutions to overcome our problems in an easier way. Only we, ourselves, can overcome our own challenges, but it sure helps to have the support and guidance of a Tarot reader.

Love & Light

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