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Let's celebrate Autumn's arrival with the following meditation:

Sit or lie confortably and close your eyes.
Gently breathe out any tension and withdraw your attention into yourself. Take as long as you need to become relaxed.

When you are ready, picture yourself walking down a flowery green valley.A path will take you to the heart of the valley.

At the heart of the valley there is a clearing. At its centre an old hut.
As you reach the hut a voice will bid you enter. Before you sits an old crone. Her bright eyes miss nothing, she can see into your heart. But she looks with compassion. She too has made this passage, she too has lived her life with great joy and pain.

Spend time with her, ask her to share her wisdom and her experience; learn from her how to reconcile the paradox of opposites; ask her to take you within yourself to the place where your knowing resides.

When you are ready to leave, thank her and ask her to be accessible to you whenever you need her.

Then leave the hut and make your way back up the path through the valley, returning to your starting point.

Take deeper breaths and gently return your awareness to the room. Take time to adjust and when you are ready open your eyes. Place your feet firmly on the floor and breathe deeply. If you wish, write down your experience.

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