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If there is something or someone who really irritates me it is the so common self enlightened and self proclaimed gurus of nowadays. People who go for a few workshops on a few subjects and immediately feel entitled to tell everyone how they should live their lives: “You must not say that, it is negative. You can not think like that, it is negative. You can not feel that way, oh no, that is negative. Your life is a mess because you are negative. You must keep saying life is beautiful, life is great and all is well.”
For goodness sake, take off the pink glasses!Be genuine and get real!
Yes, we are souls of Light, we are Spirit, but we are “trapped” at this point in time, in a human body! We are meant to feel like a human being! That is one of the many purposes of incarnating in a planet of duality, it is to experience duality, there is no positive without negative, and vice versa, human emotions are no exception. If we were meant to experience only bliss, we would be up there with the Angels!
Indeed we must not loose our connection to the Light, yes we must extract all the positive meaning from any negative situation (there is always a positive side), yes we should not dwell on the negative side any longer than what is healthy, but we can not deny it.
How can we tell someone who has just lost a loved one, or lost their job, or someone who is ill and has no money to by medicine, someone who has been betrayed or is suffering from a terminal disease, someone who sees their children starving and has no way to feed them: Oh my dear, you must just think positive, life is great! Do not be negative! You must not think or talk about it, forget it, that breathes negativity! I do not want to listen to your negativity!
Gosh! How idiotic can we all become when our egos delude us in thinking that we know it all! Where is our compassion?
Please, people, let´s all make space in our lives for that which irritates us, let us feel the anger, the pain, the sorrow and sadness when life´s lessons hit us, and then, after feelling and releasing those, yes, we can move on, walk away from them into a better and more positive frame of mind, being able to appreciate love, joy, laughter, peace and bliss. Let’s accept that everyone’s life has rough patches, do our best to cope with these lessons, firmly believing that we can overcome them, and allowing ourselves to reap the benefit of becoming stronger, wiser and better human beings. Let’s not deny our emotions and live a life of hypocrisy, smiling and sweet talking, telling everyone how it all is such bliss, only to later on let all those emotions loose, in the form of wickedness to others.
I have a suggestion to all these “pink glasses” ever so enlightened new gurus:
Why do you not go to India or Africa, where human suffering reaches its heights, spread your message of mixed denial and bliss, and see how it works…
Love & Light

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  1. To say that I do not agree with you, at least to an extent, would be highly unfair. You do have a few good points in your text but I see things a little differently.
    You were the one who told me once that I was running away from life, that I was being a coward in the face of reality.
    So let me put things this way: the way I see it, all these people are also self-proclaimed cowards.
    They are so because they bash negative thoughts everywhere they go because they're scared of them. In other words, they don't know how to handle them.
    It would be easier to think that those situations/emotions would simply disappear on their own. This is the reason why people usually create a wall which stops them from getting hit by the problems of others.
    What is simpler? To tell someone to forget and deny what is wrong or to help them face their fears and problems?
    This is what really makes me angry about "enlightened" ones.
    In the past, I was just like the Emperor from the Tarot. I thought I was Authority, I thought I was Mr. Know-it-all. I couldn't be more wrong.
    So this text of yours does touch a wound I opened up upon myself.
    Now I believe in balance, and even imbalance if that is needed.
    If people want to tame the darkness within themselves, they need to accept it first.
    Only by allowing your shadow to be one with you can you control what it will do next.
    As a final thought regarding the Gurus of our new Era, if anything, at least they serve one good purpose.
    You said it yourself, there's something positive in every negative event.
    And for them, although they have no wisdom at all, at least they serve as a medium to open eyes for people who are meant to awake their spirituality.
    I was awaken like this. Even though I didn't follow after these said gurus.
    But they have their place, and their hassle to this world also serves a greater mission.

    Have a good week and a good birthday.

    1. Thank you Hallaghan. I really enjoyed your reply, you do confirm all I said, just in different words...
      Also, it is great that you remind me they too do have a place in this world and they do serve a greater mission, honestly, that is a good point which I should have made and did not.
      Love & Light

  2. Thanks Dinora for reminding me of this little prayer.

    God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can and wisdom to know the differance.

    Angelina Light

    1. Hi Angelina
      Thanks for your comment
      Love & Light