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Have you ever wondered why certain circunstances in your life seem to have a habit of repeating themselves?

 I know I have!

 I remember thinking: why on earth does this keep happening to me? Why me?

 It could be all about love relationships, it could be at work, with family or with friends… it really is annoying, often painful, how last time we thought it was over once and for all, and then…just out of the blue…here we go again….
 I know! I have been there, done that, and got the T shirt to prove it!
 Well, what I have learnt is that until we identify our emotional patterns, until we realize what is engraved in our unconscious mind, either from childhood or from previous lives, or from both, and which gets triggered every time, we will react in the same manner every time that Life presents us with the opportunity of working through it.
 Identify the reason behind the symptom and it is half way to healing it.
 Psychological Astrology does exactly that. If you doubt it, come and try an Astrology reading.

 I can do your reading either in person or through Skype.

 Love & Light

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  1. Hi Di,

    Love this article for this one is true and happens to most of us. Your Psychological Astrology reading is truly amazing and insightful and I discovered things about myself I had forgoten. It realy helped.