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2012 - Tarot Card THE POPE (V)

The Pope is the Tarot card which rules this year, 2012

This means we are all initiating an era of intense spirituality. This is the time to consolidate our ideas, manifest our dreams, strive for our goals, and above all to find our spiritual path.

The energy of this card is somewhat linked to the energy of Karma. As such, we will be experiencing many encounters between our inner and outer selves. 2012 will bring up a lot of fundamental questions indispensable to our growth and evolution. The Pope represents our intimate thoughts, our creative and transformation power.   

In the love arena, the motto will be “to build”. Serious relationships will be favored and there could be a lot more marriages. For those who might be pinning for an old love, the good news is that this card stands for reconciliation, if your feelings are real and honest you can expect a comeback.

In the work area, it is time to grow and look for new spaces, but it is important, that must be done in a correct and ethical way. The Pope keeps his commitments, he respects ethic and he obeys rules. He is uniquely wise and deeply knowledgeable and that enables him to reach his goals.

Whichever your religion or philosophy of life, make use of this year’s energy to get closer to your real values. This card encourages us to take a deep look at ourselves, to face our fears, value our capacities, and above all, to change whatever is delaying our growth.

Let’s take full advantage of this energy and do have a great changing year.

Love & Light


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