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After deciding to do try coaching the first step is to write down your priorities. Let’s do it!
Pick a piece of paper and decide where to keep it, you are going to need it again soon.
1 - In which area(s) are you pleased with your success?
2 – In which area(s) aren’t you pleased with your success?
3 – Name 3 to 5 reasons to for your answers to 1- and 2-
4 - Which subject/ area would you choose to start your path to success?
Put the piece of paper in a dossier and name it ”Steps to my personal success
And you are ready to go!

Note: do not try to be too ambitious the process of changing is a difficult one (sometimes it really hurts), so begin step by step.
By the way what would you be willing to change? Why ?
Luísa Barreira

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