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"Reach for the stars"

There is so much said and written about what is Astrology, that instead, I will say a few words about what Astrology is not.
It is definitely not a science, it has not been proved by scientific evidence in a technological lab. On the contrary, it is an empiric technique, developed over the centuries by careful observation, compiled by wise people. One of its beauties is that it really works and it is accurate, and this has been established behond a shred of a doubt.
Astrology is based on the ancient Hermetic Laws which say: As above so below, as outside so inside. This is, put very simply, what our scientists mean today when they say that,  in the Universe the microcosm and  the macrocosm contents are identical…
There are various types of Astrology: Psychological, Medical, Karmic etc.etc.
I practice Psychological Astrology, the one which Jung and other great philosophers advocated themselves. Carl Jung, one of the most controverse of Freud´s disciples, was a staunch astrologer and his contribution, both with his research and studies as well as with his teachings, was invaluable.
Over the centuries, plenty well known philosophers dedicated themselves to its study and growth.
In order to keep this simple we will carry on in the next post. I will be pleased to answer your comments.
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  1. Hi Dinora just to let you know the astrology reading you did for me a year ago was spot on. You are good and I will see you soon. Regards Paula

  2. Thank you Paula. That is great and I will be very pleased to see you again.