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"One should make everything as simple as possible but not any simpler than that"

Just as I promised in my previous article, I am going to describe one of my favourite self protection methods which is simple, quick and effective:
Start by imagining a big, very bright and shimmering white light coming from above (the sky) directly at you. Let it penetrate you through the top of your head and slowly permeate every particle of your body right down to your toes, until it fills you totally.
Feel inundated by it, and then visualize it starting to overflow to the area surrounding your body, until it forms the shape of a capsule or an egg shell around you. You will then be right at the centre of this capsule.
Hold that image, and now add a circle of strong fire, high rich flames surrounding your capsule. And voilá! You are safe and protected from all negativity.
If you are in a quite private place I suggest you take your time and say out loud what you are doing as you go along, for greater intent.
If you happen to be around people, do it in your mind while you go about whatever you are busy with.
Play with it, add or change it at your hearts content and create your own personal self defence method, all you need to remember is that where there is Light there can not be darkness, once darkness is nothing else but the absence o Light.
Ah, and remember to use it!
When you have, drop me a line and tell me how you enjoyed it and any difficulties you may have had. Or, if you like, share with us your own favourite method for self protection.
Love & Light

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