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So many times people who come to me for readings ask me: How on earth can I protect myself from negativity? When do I need to use self protection?

We should really make it a part of our daily morning routine, and then redo it through out the day in circumstances like before going into very busy areas frequented by a lot of people (eg. a shopping centre), before visiting a sick person, before initiating any type of spiritual work (whether it is meditation, healing or a reading), plus whenever our intuition warns us that there is a need for self protection.
There are plenty ways, many different methods available, and it is important that we believe and feel comfortable with the one we choose.
Every one of us must use the method and the light colour that most resonates with us.
Some people prefer purple light for protection, I personally like white light, not only because it is the purest but also because white contains all other colours.
In my next article I will explain, in a few easy steps, one method used for self protection. You will find that after you have used it a couple of times it is actually very quick and easy. Meanwhile I would like to hear from you, leave your comments.
Love & Light

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