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As requested by one of our readers, I am sharing with you, with great pleasure, another enlightening conversation with my dear and very wise friend the Rabbi:

We feel that our life here on earth is the real thing, we refer to it as the “solid reality”, and we often think of the spiritual world perhaps beyond illusion…
Well, his answer to this was as pragmatic and profound as usual :
Think of a stamp. Then think of the print or image you get when you stamp a piece o paper with it.
Now look at both and let me tell you, this eart plane where we are now living this life corresponds to nothing else but the image printed by the stamp on the paper, like a reflection from a mirror, an illusion, a copy.
The “solid reality”, the source and the mould from where it all originates, the only thing that really exists and therefore the only one that is real…is the stamp!
I don’t think this needs any further comments!

Love & Light

3 comentários:

  1. Dear Di,

    Without a reflection the stamp wouldn't have a purpose and would be useless. The true worth and purpose of the stamp is shown in its many reflactions. The stamp is one and the reflactions are limitless. The reflection proves the stamp exists.

    Love & Light & Lots of good reflactions.

    Angelina Light

  2. Dear Di,

    Forgot to mention I simply love your friend the Rabbi he is truly wise and knowlegable and yes he is right as usual. You are a darling for sharing such a wise soul with us. Thanks.

    Love & Light


  3. Dear Angelina
    Thank you very much for your kind comments
    I am happy you enjoyed these posts, and yes this Rabbi is a wonderful soul.
    Love & Light