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I was doing a reading when this question came up, and I felt it to be of some interest to all of us.
How should we manage our lives in accordance to the resources available to us?
On a quick analysis the options seem to be:
1- Either we live it up today as if there is no tomorrow
2- Or, we do not allow ourselves to enjoy life today at all in order to save for tomorrow
Following this line of thought, one of the many conversations I had the privilege of having with a Jewish Rabi many years ago came to mind…in his very profound and pragmatic wisdom he once told me: always strive to achieve equilibrium and in order to do that one has to take the middle path in life. It is the most sensible, often the hardest, but the only one that leads to virtue and well being. Apply this in any circumstances in your life and you can not go wrong.
Well, I think it is rather pertinent to the matter in hand.
Let’s see: If we utilize all our resources today, we may have a ball, granted, but tomorrow can become a hack of a headache…it sure is a totally irresponsible attitude.
On the other hand, if we deny ourselves all pleasure today because we have to save for tomorrow, and by some twist of fate we do not make it to tomorrow, well…we never really lived today or tomorrow…
The conclusion seems to be: live today, enjoy life by spoiling yourself a little (not going the whole hog…) and simultaneously put a little aside for tomorrow.
I know that in this economic climate, it is no mean feat, but who has ever said that lessons are easy?
Love & Light

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  1. Hi Di,

    This is a great article and I realy like the wisdom of your friend the Jewish Rabi. Maby you can share more of his wisdom with us.

    Love and Light
    Angelina Light

  2. Thank you Angelina.
    I will with pleasure on my next article, which is coming very soon.
    Love & Light