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Dear Saint António
Our beloved patron
Could you ever imagine, if you may
That Portuguese folk
Would celebrate you one day
By grilling and eating the little fish
To whom you did preach
And teach
And they lovingly, each
Unlike Man
Enjoyed and listened

For those who might not know, St. António is the Saint Patron of Lisbon, capital of Portugal. His day is the 13th of June and he is revered for his miracles. The very old story goes that once when he was preaching, people started leaving one by one until he found himself alone. He didn’t give up, he decided to go to the sea and started preaching to the waves, at once he was surrounded by hundreds of little fish who stuck their heads outside the water to listen to his teachings in delight.
Ironic, to say the least...these days people celebrate St. Antonio with lots of street parties where they grill fresh sardines in the coals to eat all night long...

Love & Light

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