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No doubt we are free to choose how much we are prepared to help others, and up to what point do we feel fulfilled by giving. That should never be determined in accordance to how much others are capable of giving back…
Anytime we give we receive too, that is the deepest truth of all. That´s the law!
But, the Law only says that all energy returns to its original source, it does not specify in which way and through which channel…the Universe has many ways and multiple channels for returning it to us.
So, it often happens that someone we helped yesterday is not there for us today or when we most need them. We have all been there and most of us were shocked (to say the least) when faced with it. Slowly doubt starts creeping into our minds…
Well, there is no need to doubt, just know and be sure that all energy returns, whether positive or less positive, but it is also important to know that it does not always return via the person we expect it to.
Live your life in awareness, we are all showered with so many blessings which we, very often, hardly notice…
Love & Light

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