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One way of identifying when this is happening to you, is by being aware of sudden changes in mood or well being, just as you have been in someone else’s company, or in areas where there are a lot of people.
Eg: were you feeling fine, met someone which you greeted with a handshake and suddenly you start feeling a sharp pain in your back? Or, were you in a great mood and all of a sudden, after you had coffee with a friend, you feel depressed?
What can we do in order to get rid of any of these feelings or sensations that are not yours?
I find the easiest way for me is, first to say at least three times, with purpose and determination: I refuse to feel or think any feelings or thoughts which are not mine, then I say a short prayer three times, in my own words, requesting that these feelings and thoughts be removed from my body and aura.
Do that, allow a few minutes to pass, and it will all be gone, trust me!
If the feelings persist, well…then, consider the possibility that you didn’t pick up anything from anybody else, they were yours in the first place!
Love & Light

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