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If you are a sensitive (psychic), and most of us are, we tend to pick up other people’s feelings as we interact with them in the course of our daily lives.
The closer you feel to a person the bigger the probability that you will pick up what they are feeling, also if someone is directing their thoughts or emotions at you, or if you are a very empathetic person who likes helping others, you are very likely to feel what they are feeling.
It has happened to me to catch a bus and as I sat down I started feeling angry and agitated. I became aware that these were feelings belonging to the person who had just vacated the sit, they were not mine. It has also happened to me to speak to someone on the phone and land up in the same mood they were in or with a bad headache just as the one they had. Imagine you feeling either very attracted (or repelled) by someone who you do know you do not have any particular feelings for? It probably is not yours, you might just be picking up the other persons feelings.
Until you learn to identify that these are probably not your feelings or your “pains” it can cause a lot of confusion and unnecessary suffering.
In my next article we will discuss “what to do” in these instances
Love & Light

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