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One can practice this technique at night just before going to sleep, and in the morning on waking up.

Lie on your back and gently lay your palms on your stomach. Start breathing in slowly and deeply and feel how your stomach expands as you breathe. Now, breath out also slowly and deeply, feeling how your stomach contracts as the air exits.

Keep doing this for at least five minutes (or more if you so choose), always breathing slowly, deeply and with intention, taking each breath with purpose and power.

While you do this imagine that the air you breathe out is dark and contains all your traumas, fears, sicknesses, hurts, anything you need to get rid of.
When you breathe in, the air is fresh, nurturing, shiny and bright:

Red – Vitality, Strength
Yellow – Prosperity, Abundance, Wisdom
Orange – Creativity, Joy, Concentration, Sensuality
Green – Healing, Balance
Blue (turquoise) – Peace, Communication
Blue (Indigo) – Intuition, Clairvoyance
Violet – Protection, Serenity, Spirituality
Rose – Unconditional Love, Self love, Harmony

One should use this technique for 21 consecutive days at the time
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