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5. Stop wanting to have more.

The Mantra of the Ego is “More”. The Ego is never satisfied. Never mind how much it conquers or achieves, Ego always insists it is still not enough. It pushes us to a continuous state of search and it eliminates the possibility of arrival. In truth, we are there already and the manner in which we choose to make use of the present moment is our decision. When you cease the need for more, the things you most desire most come to you. Without the attachment to more it is easier to share with others, as you understand how little you need in order to be satisfied and at peace.
The Universal Source is Happyness itself, it expands and creates new life constantly. It never creates obstacles to its own creations for selfish reasons. It creates and it lets go. When we end the ego’s need to have more we become one with the Source. Observe and appreciate all you receive, remember St Francis of Assisi powerful lesson: “It is giving that you receive”. When we allow abundance to shower us we align with the Source and we allow its flow.

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