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6. Abandon the idea you have of yourself based on your deeds.

It is a rather difficult concept to follow when we are convinced that the person is its achievements. God composes all music, God builds all buildings, God is the Source of all realizations. I can hear egos protesting loudly, but start getting used to this idea: It all emanates from the Source. You and the Source are one! You are not that body, its achievements or its failures. You are an observer. So, observe all around you and be grateful for the accumulated capacities. All credit belongs to the Source which created you and of which you are a materialized part. The least credit you attribute to yourself for your achievements the more you are connected to the Source and the freer you are to achieve, and much more will turn up in your path. When we remain attached to our achievements and we believe that we did it all ourselves, we turn our backs to peace and gratitude to the Source.

2 comentários:

  1. Yes it is all true the source should be credited for all but isn't it a pity it's the body that feels all physical pain for doing all hard work. It's the mind that feels all emotional pain for thiking and reacting to all sorts of thoughts. If we credit the source for all the good shouldn't we credit the source for all the bad as well after all isnt everything one.

  2. Hi there
    Yes, this is called polarity: planet earth is a planet of duality, there is no active without passive, and so on...it all is part of the source, yes. I just woudn´t call it "good" and "bad", I would rather use "easy" and "difficult"...
    Love & Light