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4. Stop feeling that you are Superior.

True nobility is not a matter of being better than others. It is a matter of being better than what we were before. Focus on your own growth, knowing that nobody in this planet is better than anybody else. We all emanate from the same Creative Life Source. We all have the mission of fulfilling our intended essence, and all we need in order to do so is available to us. Unfortunately that will not be possible when we feel superior to others. There is an old but true saying: We are all alike in the eyes of God. Let go of the need to feel superior, understand the presence of God in everyone. Do not judge people on their conquests, image, possessions or any other ego rating. When you project superiority feelings, you get back hostility and bitterness. Those feelings carry you away from the Source. Making a distinction leads to making comparisons, and it is based on seeing the other’s fault, it keeps looking for and exposing all the other’s faults.

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