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3. Let go of wanting to be right.

Ego is the route of many conflicts as it pushes us to judge others to be wrong. When someone is hostile there is a disconnection from the source. The Spirit of Creation is kind, generous, loving and receptive; it is free from anger, bitterness or hard feelings. To stop the need to be right in arguments or relationships is equivalent to saying to our ego: “I will not be your slave, I will be generous, I reject the need to be right.” Give yourself the opportunity to feel great by telling another person that she is right, and thank her for directing you to the true path.
When you stop wanting to be right, you strengthen the connection to the source. But remain alert as the ego is a very determined opponent. I have watched people end lovely relationships just due to their need to be right…When you find yourself in the middle of an argument, ask yourself: do I want to be right or do I want to be happy? If you choose to be happy, loving and spiritually aware, your connection to the source will strengthen and expand. The Universal Source will support you more and more so you can live the Creative life that is intended for you.

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