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2. Stop wanting to always win.

Our ego loves to classify us as either winners or losers. The search for victory is the infallible way to consciously avoid being in tune with intention. Why? Because it is basically impossible to always win. Some people might be faster, luckier, younger, stronger or even cleverer than you, and you will end up feeling insignificant and worthless near them.

Your worth is not measured according to the total sum of your victories. It is one thing to enjoy competition in a world where winning means everything; it is another thing is to identify yourself in your thoughts only with victory. There are no losers in a world where all share the same energy source. We can only say that your performance on a given day was at a certain level compared with that of others. But, everyday is a different day, with other competitors and new situations to be taken into account. You will always continue to be the infinite presence in a body which ages with time. Stop feeling the need to win at all times, do not accept the concept that not to win means to loose. That is the ego! That is an ego fear! If your body is not performing in a winning way, that is not important, do not identify yourself only with the ego. Be an observer, understand and enjoy everything without feeling the need to take the cup. Be at peace, tune in with the energy of intention, unexpectedly and without stress, victories will become a part of your path

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