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By Lucya Janeth Vervloet

These are suggestions on how to overcome and control deep rooted ego pride. It was written with the objective of preventing us from falsely identifying with our naturally proud ego. We are presenting a series of articles detailing this in seven easy steps.

1. Stop feeling easily offended.

Other people’s behaviour is not a good reason to make you feel immobilized and offended. Offense only exists if you let go of your own power and thus feel weak. If you look for situations which bother you, you will certainly find them around every corner. Ego is in charge trying to convince you that the world is all wrong. But it is possible for us to become life observant and tune in with the spirit of creation. We do not connect with our inner power or reach a peaceful state when we feel offended. Be at peace and remember you are part of the Creator, and the Creator is peace. To feel offended generates destructive energy and hurt, it leads to aggression, and ultimately to war.

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