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Sit comfortably, slowly breath in and out three times.

Visualise a rose in your hands (any colour).

Visualise your rose in detail, smell its perfume and feel the softness of its petals.

Send a request to the Universe if you want to

Imagine that the colour of this rose is irradiating and filling your heart

Breath deeply and slowly, relax! Try to keep your mind free of thoughts for a few minutes

Visualise your rose floating all the way up to the sky

Make a note of all the feelings and sensations you had during this meditation and repeat anytime you are not feeling so great.

Let’s check the colours and their meanings.
The first colour that came into your mind is the one that defines the moment:

Red Rose – You want to live with joy and passion and you probably have a lot of love to give to others even if you are not aware of it. Life awaits you, be strong, be brave and courageous.
You need to let go of fear and be happy. Do not think that the hardships from the past will happen again.
You are afraid of loss and aggression, and this colour will help you to unblock your fears.

White Rose – You need to experience inner peace and let go of old memories. Your heart needs serenity. Promote peace, look for tranquillity. The white colour may mean a very special moment in your life, connected to a change. It is now the time to celebrate the arrival of something important in your life.

Yellow Rose – You are ready to conquer things as you have inner knowledge. Look for answers, trust yourself and allow yourself to feel the joy in your heart.
You might be afraid of being betrayed or maybe just of not having enough courage to face certain difficulties. This colour will help you to get rid of those misgivings. Accept success.

Rose - You have experienced pleasant situations and now you want to share love and generosity with all..
New things might be coming into your life, this colour will bring patience, peace and tranquillity. Moment of gratitude.

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