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Attachments are sources of unavoidable suffering and emotional pain. The more we get attached to situations, things and people the more vulnerable we become.
The essence of life is impermanence, once we want to eternally own that which we love we become lost in illusion.
Meanwhile, very few of us are prepared to exist without attachments.

Experiencing loss is a reminder (often in a painful way) of how much we need to learn to accept this reality.
To accept, means above else, not to resist loss when it does happen.

To develop an inner resistance to loss only prolongs the duration and the depth of the pain and anguish we might be feeling. The sooner we learn to handle acceptance, the sooner we become immune to fear of rejection, fear of lacking and fear of loneliness.

Although this is one of the main learning curves in life, no one teaches us to nurture this attitude of acceptance and detachment. On the contrary we are trained not to share, but to depend on  another as if our own individuality were something devoid of value.

Re-learning to be free and to stop depending on conditions in order to be happy, that is the only sensible life path that enables us to escape once and for all the prison of attachments.

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