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OM is depicted in Sanskrit – the Hindu ancient language.

This symbol when visualized and verbalized brings us the universal energy in its purest form: The union between heavens and earth, harmony between masculine and feminine, active and passive, the polarity that generates perfect equilibrium, of which a good example is nature…

Sit comfortably and visualize OM (you are welcome to use the picture herewith).
Tune in and take a deep breath feeling the air freshness while you breathe in and out. Do this three times.

Go back to breathing normally all the while feeling the air going in and out.

When you feel really relaxed, close your eyes, take a slow deep breath, filling your stomach with air and storing it there, start verbalizing the sound ommmmmmmmmmmmmmm while slowly empting the air from your stomach through your mouth. Stay with the sound until you feel the air is all out.

Repeat this process three times and then slowly and in your own time, open your eyes and feel the lightness of your body and the release of pain and tiredness.

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