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Why so much importance around laughter? Because it is scientifically proven to be the best weapon you have (always at hand and at no cost at all!) against  STRESS! We'll be back to STRESS in the next article.

And back to laughter, "laughter is the best medicine" without a doubt, for example, it stimulates the thymus gland (located in the center of the chest) responsible for the good health of the immune system.
In addition, if you laugh often you become more positive and able to face your problems with lightness.
Laughter helps the heart and energizes the whole body, because when you laugh your breathing becomes deeper,  oxygenating the circulatory and respiratory systems in a much better way.

I could go on ... but I think by now you are convinced  that  laughter is FANTASTIC and NECESSARY!
Therefore, with the Carnival at the door, invite some friends, go dancing and ... LAUGHING!

And I'll do the same!

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